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December 15, 1999 06:59pm
AINews Exclusive: An InnerView of Teri Weigel
Source: Adult Industry News
by: Steve Nelson

On December 15th, 1999 Teri made a guest appearance at a Bukkake shoot for Jim Powers. We caught up to her in the dressing room:

She was MC for the event who's main job was to direct the guys in an orderly fashion over the face of a six foot beauty named Zarah Lee.

AINews: How are you doing Teri?

Teri Weigel: Good how are you?

AINews: I'm fine, thank you. You're doing a Bukkake now?

Teri: Yeah, actually I'm standing behind and judging the Bukkake.

AINews: Oh, so you're not the one getting wet, you're just judging.

Teri: I'll probably get wet, (Laughs) I'll get splattered too, but standing behind. It'll be fun.

AINews: What are you doing now in the [Adult] Industry?

Teri: I'm doing such a wide variety of things it's hard to answer! Actually I took four years off and I'm back! I was hit by a semi truck and I just had surgery. I had surgery done here [points to a nonexistent flaw] for my back I had three herniations, and I had one done here. Can't you see it somewhere?

AINews: You mean that little mark there?

"I'm finally cured 100 percent!"

Teri: I had back surgery and I took four almost five years off it was a pretty bad accident. I'm finally cured 100 percent!

AINews: I see you're well, and I'm glad you're still alive - and you look great!

Teri: Thank you! I think it's all that resting. It put a halt to all that partying, you know? Because it was one club after another, and all we used to do was sex and clubs and party, so it put a hold on that a little bit and I got my head together. But this is fun! I love it, so I'm coming back!

AINews: So are you touring now?

Teri: I'm starting in February. My first tour starts at Al's Diamond Cabaret and that in Reading, PA. That's my first stop that's one of my favorite cities.

AINews: And are you going to be in town here [L. A. area] featuring?

Teri: Probably so. It will probably be at the Spearmint Rhino Clubs but it will be after the New Year. My first [engagement] will be Al's Diamond in Reading.

AINews: If club owners want to book you how to they get a hold of you?

Teri: Tony at the Lee Network is my agent, and the number is 954-564-1001 and that's in Pompano, Florida.

AINews: I heard you were at the Bunny Ranch. You have any comments about that?

Teri: It was fun! All the fans came in from different areas all over the world. One guy came in from London, and a lot of people came in from Dallas. I got people from Boston and the Massachusetts area, a lot of fans! It was kinda cool! They would be so infatuated just with looking at my face sometimes it was hard to just get down to the sex because they couldn't believe they could actually do it! And it was so much fun because of the respect they would show. It was cool! The best feeling the world! I just love it! And some of them had the BIGGEST DICKS! And they would fuck REALLY GOOD! And I would CUM! It would be like, "Cool! Wow!" It was great, I like it!

AINews: Most of the girls I talk to like it.

Teri: Yeah, it's a lot of money too.

AINews: What about casting? Are there any roles in films that you haven't portrayed that you would like to?

Teri: Roles? Yes, I think I would like to play multiple personalities in the same film. Portray different characters in the same film and dress up in different costumes. Or even to act out the story of how my life has been, and the things that I've gone through because I've been through so much.

AINews: That would be a great movie.

Teri: It could be a SCARY movie (laughs) It would have to be fiction because no one would believe it!

AINews: Do you have a rules that you work by, like testing is a given, but for example guys have to wear condoms?

Teri: If your tested with a DNA test within five to 10 days, and with the people at the Bunny Ranch they all wear condoms because you don't know where they come from and weather they've had a test. You don't worry too much. You try and find out if they do anal or if they shoot up because they're high-risk people, and I don't do that.

AINews: It sounds like you keep your risk down to a minimum.

Teri: Very much so. I'm very safe. I try to do the best that I can. What's gonna happen is gonna happen, that's God's will, but at the same time your not gonna be stupid, you know?

AINews: Any advice to do people getting into the business?

Teri: Just WANT to do this. If you want to do this and like sex then do it. If not then don't play games with it because you will get hurt by it because it does catch up on you.

AINews: Great! Thank you very much, Teri.

Teri: You're very welcome. Thank you.