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Porn for GEEKS! Meet me & my friends!

Kayden Kross at Twistys

October 01, 1999 02:59am
AINews Exclusive: An InnerView of Ariana
Source: Adult Industry News
by: Steve Nelson

Ariana's interview was the first InnerView for Adult Industry News. She met with me in her hotel by the airport and we caught up on the years since my x-wife and I had first met her at Henri Pachard's house while shooting "Sex Ranch". She talks about the people who helped her get into the biz - Nina Hartley, Woody Long and Sandra Scream, and her then husband, Luc Wylder. This meeting with her set the stage and modeled the format of the InnerView with her easy charm and down to earth conversation.

I finally caught up with her when she came down to the Los Angeles area to do a photo shoot for her new Web Site. We had been talking for a while before getting started when I realized this was really good stuff! I pulled out the tape and turned it on and told her to just keep talking!

AINews: Hi, I'm here with Ariana and we're BSing right now. We'll get to the interview after BS for awhile, but I just gotta get some of this on tape!

Ariana: (Laughs!)

AINews: So Nina [Hartley] approaches you and says, "What are you doing here?"

Ariana: Yeah, we we're at Frank's Chicken House in Manville New Jersey.

AINews: Yeah…

[How she started in the Business:]

Ariana: And I was doing my little stage show, which was like a little warm up. They always put me on before the feature because then the guys would all be waiting and patient and she would come and she would tip me and she kept watching me, and finally the third or fourth day there she started talking to me. She was like "What are you doing" you know? "Why aren't you a feature?" And I was like "I don't know, what you have to do to be a feature?" I was like way married and very monogamous and it hadn't really occurred to me. All that it was to me is that I liked to dance. And that was my outlet and I made really good money doing it. She's like "No you have got to do something." I said, "Well what do you have to do?" she said "You have to do magazines and you have to do movies." Yeah, well like I'm too old to do magazines and I have tattoos. Well I was 30 by then. So I was too old to do movies I had tattoos and I'm not blonde, so how do I get into magazines? She said, "Forget the magazines just goes straight to the videos." "But I don't know if I can do that because I was in a monogamous relationship for a long time, you know?" And she goes "Well just work with your husband he's really cute I saw him." And it's like "Yeah, but he's COVERED with tattoos." "It won't matter, do amateur stuff or anything." It was like "Yeah, OK, fine." That was, I don't know, that it was in `89 because my son was born in '87, I started dancing again in 88. And then I ran into Sandra Scream at the Go-Go Ramma in Lawrence Harbor New Jersey. I'm onstage now I'm out there and I'm doing my thing and there's this guy and he's tipping me, and he's tipping me, and he's tipping me, he's giving me 20's and 50's, he's giving me all this money, and I'm like "What is WITH this guy?" and I get off stage and put on my robe and go sit with him not knowingly who he was, but went to sit with by him. We didn't do table dances then, either...

AINews: Was it Woody?

Ariana: Yes. Well it turns out it was Woody Long, and I had no idea, right? This guy's like tipping me big bucks I better talk to him, you know? So I went and I sat down with him, and it was a juice bar I had my little Perrier or whenever I was drinking at the time and we're talking and all of a sudden he disappears. He said, "Ill be right back." I thought he went to restroom, right? So I think, well he's gone so I'm gonna go back to the dressing room, I walked back there and Sandra is sitting on his lap and we had been working together for a few days by now. She's been in the club about two days, I guess. So I'm looking at this guy and I'm like "Who ARE you?" And he goes "Oh, this is my wife." So I got really mad. I was insulted that he was tipping me all his money. It's like, "Why are you tipping me if your wife is the feature?" He said, "Because we've been talking about you. We want to hook you up with Cheri magazine." You know she did the thing for Ken Kimmel for years, that um, "Sandra Scream's…" I can't remember the name of it, it was a really cute article that she did every month in Cheri magazine. And he said "You need to be a feature, you shouldn't be dancing in these clubs. What are you DOING?" So to make along story short they did, they hooked me up with Ken Kimmel and he put in Cheri magazine for my first layout in 1989 with a nine foot python. I didn't look anything like I look now, which is so funny because I was so different then. I was really… really… I was never conservative, I've never been shy, I've always been an exhibitionist, but I was a nervous wreck! It was my first real photo shoot and the rest is kind of history. All of a sudden then somebody saw my picture… He was with LBO Bobby Hollander.

AINews: Yeah...

Ariana: And he called Ken Kimmel and said "Who is that girl and were is she from?" And Ken said she's from the New Jersey area, she's an Italian girl." "I want her to come out here and shoot for me." And it was like "What?" And Ken calls me up and the says, "This guy wants your number." I said, "Who is he?" "He's a producer and a director he does porn films." I said, "No, forget about it." So Luke starts going "Well, why don't we just try it?" I said, "Because I don't know if I can fuck other men at this point my life." I'd been in this relationship for so long. I did girl-girl shows because I had a bachelor party company, but I didn't do side work. I never did "the room" kind of thing. We would do shows. You know the girl-girl shows, double dildo and all that stuff. If they wanted prostitutes they used to have to call someone else. And that was my company. I had this great bachelor party company going on the East Coast, we were up and down the East Coast all the time. So I was, "OK. Fine. I'll do it." So we fly out here to L.A. we were supposed to be booked out here 10 days and he promised to put me in four pro-am scenes. I ended up working 9 out of the 10 days…

AINews: Wow.

Ariana: And I only worked with Luke, and then I did a scene with Aja, she was the first woman I never did a girl-girl seen with on film.

AINews: The red hair Aja?

Ariana: No, Aja, she's very exotic looking, very beautiful girl.

AINews: She worked at the Valley Ball for a while?

Ariana: She used to work at the Odd Ball.

AINews: The Odd Ball yeah, they changed the name to the Valley Ball, that's right, it was the Odd Ball.

Ariana: No, she had black hair. So anyway we did that and all of a sudden we got all this pro-am work, and we shot that and all this stuff happened and we flew back of the New Jersey, and I'm like "What just happened?" Then we started getting calls from different companies saying we want to put you in this feature and that feature and back then tattoos were way taboo! Viper was the only one who could get away with having tattoos, and at I think it was because she was so down and dirty and she was awesome I mean I think she was just… God! Just CRAZY! You know? But back then none of the women had tattoos and the men, if they had them they had very and small very few. And I kind of broke that mold in the industry. I think my tattoos set a standard that if she can have them why can't I? Then everybody else started getting them. THEN I was told I couldn't get any more, so I started getting PIERCED. (Laughing!!)

AINews: (Laughing!...) So you started that trend too.

"OK you don't want any more ink on me? Fine! I'll go poke holes in my body..."

Ariana: So then THAT all started, it was like "OK you don't want any more ink on me? Fine! I'll go poke holes in my body, I mean I've gotta do something I've gotta get my endorphin rush because I don't do drugs so I have to do something, you know? So I started getting pierced. It started with first my nipples, then my tongue, then I started getting vaginal piercings that had so many and have had them in and out and in and out and have had my bellybutton pierced like three times and I keep taking it out because I GET OFF ON IT! It's an endorphin rush; I get high for three days when I get pierced!

AINews: Wow!

Ariana: I've let my nipples close up like five times and get them re-done. It's just great! It's better than doing any drugs; I haven't done drugs in sixteen years!

AINews: Wow! That's excellent!

Ariana: I have a glass of wine occasionally, but haven't touched anything else at all. And it just kind of started escalating, and then the Black Orchid thing happened. Well, then we decided that I had work with other men because Luke couldn't get work because of his tattoos, and so I started working with other men. He was MORE than agreeable because that means he could work with other women, which was fine, I really didn't have a problem with it, and it just started to snowball, then I got the cover of Black Orchid and that was it! My career just took off! Peter shot that cover. He's the person I'm working with this weekend, Peter Martin, who in my opinion is the best photographer in the business! No one has ever been able to photograph me the way he does. Yeah. This isn't a magazine shoot; this is just for me. The pictures that I'm doing are just for me, they're going to be phenomenal! I'm going to have five or 600 phenomenal photos!

AINews: Aw, that's excellent and on a Web Site you can rotate them…

Ariana: Mm hm…

AINews: Excellent!

"And then I also got an offer to do some mainstream stuff a couple weeks ago..."

Ariana: And then I also got an offer to do some mainstream stuff a couple weeks ago, so today we concentrated - that's why I'm kind of toned down to not look like I'm in Pornstar makeup - because we did all of the main stream for the composite that the guy wanted. This agent in Hollywood found me, he tracked me down and said he'd been looking for me for two years which is really an exciting sign! Crossing my fingers about that because there's a movie in production that they have a part they want me in and want someone who's real sensual and a little more mature or not overbearing who can act. I don't know if you've heard about the prosecution in Ohio recently…

AINews: No I haven't.

Ariana: Well, I did a movie for I think it was Bizarre Video, called The Agony of Ariana. OK, bondage movie, right? No sex in the movie, and I did it with my husband and he dominated me, and I was supposed be in agony because that's the name of the movie, right? Well, the store got brought up on charges of obscenity for this video.

AINews: I DID hear about it!

Ariana: Yeah! And then the attorney who was trying to represent them said they couldn't even plead it because the acting was too good! (Laughing!)

AINews: That's funny! (Laughing!)

Ariana: They had to take a guilty on this obscenity charge because they couldn't plead it out because I looked like I was in too much agony! But that's what you're supposed to do, you know?

AINews: Did you testify?

Ariana: They didn't call me!! I would have. Gladly! The funny thing about this was this attorney, I've met him before, I know him, because I'm dating an attorney who works mostly with First Amendment, and have gone to some First Amendment Lawyers Association seminars where they all go to a place for week - so I met this person, the defending attorney, and I'm thinking "Why didn't he call me?" because I would testify! It's like I'm an actress that's what I was paid to do, I was paid to act like I was in agony, that was the name of the movie you know?

AINews: Well you did a good job!

Ariana: I guess!

AINews: ...And they got busted for it!

Ariana: Well YEAH!

AINews: Go figure!

Ariana: But it's so silly! Because the truth of the matter is that I would never let anyone do anything to me against my will…

AINews: Yeah.

Ariana: You know, and when I do bondage films there are always guidelines and we always have code words everything is always safe and if the code word is spoken everything ceases, it just stops, and if it's something that isn't OK then we don't do it, we change it, and that's how bondage films are made. So it was all acting. And in all my career and all the nominations that I've gotten for different things and for girl-girl scenes and hot sex scenes the only thing I ever won was an actress award.

AINews: Wow!

Ariana: That's when I basically quit in 1995. I won the best supporting actress in a film...

AINews: Which film?

Ariana: Desert Moon. It was very very good, I rode a camel around the desert for four days it was really a blast! (Laughs) I had a great time making that movie. We were out in the middle of the desert riding camels and horses it was really really fun. And it was a film. Tony English shot it, and was for Gabore who owns Sterling Pictures.

AINews: Yeah...

Ariana: I won the best supporting actress in the film and It was like the only award I ever won. I was nominated best starlet my first year when Alex Jordan won. She and I were nominated against each other. Well she was one of my best friends. We were together all the time. And I didn't want to win; I wanted her to win it. It's like "You win it! You just win it because you should!" And she did… And all these things that happened over the years is very very interesting to look back on in retrospect and see what's happened like she's dead, which was a real shocker to me when that happened. People! There are so many new people. I look through the AVN every month and where did all the old people go that were there when I was there aside from the men. It's all the same men. But all these women come in and they come and they go. They show up and work for six months or for year then they disappear. And you never hear from them again and never see them. Or else they get all messed up on drugs and they all get kind of whacked out and they get thrown off the sets. I've heard of girls who are big, huge, names and I won't name them, who've actually gotten thrown out of clubs for not following rules...

"...And my attitude's always been its really hard to get a good reputation and really easy to lose it and once you lose it you don't get back."

AINews: Well you can, but it's real hard.

Ariana: It's almost impossible. Especially on the dance circuit, because all the club owners have their Gentlemen's Club Conventions a couple of times a year, and they'll say that we had this feature in and we had to go pull her off of the corner because she was copping crack, so we could get her onstage or we had this feature and she burned our curtains down because she was too fucked up to do a fire show. One person caught herself on fire and put herself out of the business basically. She had burns over 45 or 50 percent of her body. She almost died. And this girl was absolutely fucking STUNNING! And that's what happens when you get high and you get onstage. You can't do it. You know? And these young women, they all of a sudden get out of high school and have no education or anything and they get into this business and then they become stars and then all of a sudden they have all this money coming in and always jet setting and always partying, you know? And then all the drugs, but not on the sets. I have to say that I don't think I ever really saw drugs on sets, but it's so readily available to adult film stars outside of when you're not working. You go into a club with a band playing and all the band members recognize you its like "Oh! Come party with us!" you know?

AINews: Yeah…

Ariana: You know what I mean? It's not in the industry itself - that part of it, but it kind of flows over into it by means of other inputs like just going out to clubs and being seen, and then you get recognized. I walked into a toy store today - true story - I had the drive down to LAX to pick Gwendolyn up because she flew into the wrong airport by mistake. And I needed a couple of props. I needed some toys. You know that Century Nude toy shop thing?

AINews: The Century Theater?

Ariana: Yeah, I said "Oh, good!" I'm gonna pull in here and I'm gonna get some stuff. So I pull in the parking lot, and I go in the place. There's three guys standing there and all of their jaws drop! I kid you not. I had a pair of gray sweats, a black sweat shirt, black Doc Martin's, no makeup on, I had my hair pulled back in a ponytail, not a drop of makeup on because I was on my way to a set, it would be stupid to put on makeup and wash it off again and put it on again. These guys, the three of them, their jaws drop open than they dropped on their knees!

AINews: What?! (Laughs!) Really?

Ariana: And I'm like "WHAT are you DOING?!" And they're like "Oh my God! We can't believe you're in our store! What can we get you?! What do you need?!" I was like "What kind of discount am I gonna get?" And they gave me a really good discount too! (Laughs!) They were so funny! I was shocked! I do get recognized all the time no matter where I am. Because I don't look that much different without makeup off than I do with makeup on. But I don't usually get that kind of a reaction! (Laugh!) I was cracking up I was "Really, guys it's like no big deal I just need a couple of dildos (Laughing…) It was hysterical! I couldn't believe it! So it's been a really interesting trip. It really has. I've gone through a lot of changes in the last ten or 11 years as far as my perspective of my own sexuality and the way other people perceive their sexuality. That's really interesting to me. Everything is so taboo. Like this whole thing with this straight stuff, this mainstream. Why are they looking for me? These are the people who don't want anything to do with pornography, but you know that they're the ones that are renting the tapes and they've seen my movies or they wouldn't be looking for me.

AINews: Right.

Ariana: You know? And this guy said he called me, I mean he e-mailed me and said "I finally found you, I've been looking for you for two years on the Internet. I really need to talk to you." So I e-mailed him back and I said okay send me a number and I'll call you 'cause I'm not gonna send anybody my phone number unless I know who they are. And he did and I talked to him and unfortunately he had to go out of town this weekend or we would have had a meeting this weekend. He sent me all of his agency stuff, but I didn't get it before I left because it probably got their today or yesterday and I didn't get to my mailbox yesterday. He said, "You know what I want? I want you to do some black and white test shots. Black and white, full body, a couple of color full body, a couple of color head shots, we'll make a composite and if your really serious about going into mainstream, then we're gonna do it."

AINews: That's great!

Ariana: Yeah, I'm very excited about it. It would be a great opportunity for me. I love to perform. I studied acting, I studied dance, that's always what I wanted to do but I was always too short to be a rockette, so I did the next best thing. I did go-go. (Laugh) I had my one shot at Broadway. They came into a club one time, a couple actually, they were doing off Broadway jazz show and they saw me dancing and they pulled me off the stage and they sat me down and they gave their me cards and said we really want you to do the show. It was to be three months of rehearsal for $600 a month. That's all they could pay, and at that point I was supporting four kids. Three months of rehearsal and we had no guarantees. An off Broadway show may run for months who knows? It may only run for a week. You know what? This is the only opportunity I've ever had to do what I really wanted to and I can't do it. I can't afford to do it. I was making five or $600 at night I couldn't do that in a month, not supporting six people (Laugh) you know we had just built a house, we had a brand-new home, and there were too many things going on. I had gone and headed to New York after I got out of school I had auditions for different things but I didn't have the experience, you know? Once I started dancing the Jersey go-go I got all the experience I could have ever needed. I got confidence and realized that I AM a good dancer and I really CAN do this stuff, and the choreography, and I love to do it and I love to design costumes and it was really easy. It was really easy for me, and the featuring, everything. The biggest thing ever, the biggest thing I miss about the industry aside from the talent, the other women, is going on the road dancing for my fans.

"The biggest thing I miss about the industry aside from the talent, the other women, is going on the road dancing for my fans."

AINews: Feature dancing.

Ariana: Yeah…

AINews: That's great.

Ariana: Yeah, and at this point unfortunately I just can't. Physically I can't do it anymore, I mean I danced for 17 years and my body can't take it. I can't be in heels for more than an hour. It just doesn't work. So basically my last feature gig was at the Admiral Theater, gosh, two years ago? I basically have only made one movie in a last two years. Only made three in the last four but in the last two I only made one, and that was Tattoo. That came out recently, April I think it was released, that was my last hard-core movie. And that was my retirement film, and it was announced. The AVN came on the set because everyone knew it was my last film and blah blah blah and I'm not doing a comeback. I have no intention of doing a hard-core comeback. I'll still do fetish, always do fetish because it's fun, it's easy. It's a whole different head, It's a whole different trip, but no more hard-core.

AINews: I was going to ask that.

Ariana: No, I'm way over it. Especially with all the outbreaks of the different illnesses that people are coming down with, aside from HIV, like the hepatitis C. And just the little stuff that gets passed back and forth the STDs. Clamidia, which I had six times when I was in the business, I've heard of an outbreak of gonorrhea. I didn't get it, thank God, but I heard their had been one, but I'm just way over that. I'm so far removed from that. I don't miss having multiple partners. I'm in a relationship I love my relationship. It's real stable. Very nice and supportive, mutually supportive, so like I said it's been a very interesting kind of trip. What other little questions do you have over there?

"Well I don't know if I really should go into it… well basically… because it's not really socially acceptable."

AINews: Actually... You said something about a scoop...

Ariana: Oh! What I'm doing now. Well I don't know if I really should go into it… well basically… because it's not really socially acceptable. I'm doing out call Dominatrix work. Almost like escort, sans the sex, basically.

AINews: OK.

Ariana: But I'm advertising on escort sites as a domina.

AINews: This is for people who want to book you. Want to know what you're doing. Who want to get in touch with you. So they can know "Well she's all about this." They can read here.

Ariana: Well, aside from that I have a REAL job, I work for lawyers. (Laugh!) I've been doing that for two years. I'm doing this other thing now that I just started doing like a month and a half ago, and I'm really enjoying it. It's real lucrative for one thing. I did have the Internet studio going for a longtime. It was one of the first live Internet broadcasting studios. I was the first in Vegas actually. And my feeds were sold exclusively to resellers.

AINews: Oh… That's cool!

Ariana: Yeah it was great until it got inundated. Everybody now puts a feed up and you can log into I-friends and are online in a second if your camera in you can do it from your bedroom. I actually had a studio setup that people working for me. Women would come in on regular schedule like going into a dance club. At one point I had 45 employees.

AINews: Wow!

Ariana: Yeah, I was running a lot of models and I did not allow hard-core, which is what killed me, because once these other sex streams started popping up they were doing them out of Canada and there were no laws up there to prohibit hard-core, so everybody else started doing hard-core and I was told not to so, basically what happened was I couldn't compete with that, so I just closed it, I had close it down. But now I'm putting my Web Site back up and I'm gonna have my own site, and it's gonna have whenever content I want to have, and I'm not going to really be having to lease my feeds out and stuff like that, so that's really what I'm concentrating on right now is getting the site up.

AINews: So that's the venture you weren't really sure that you should talk about, is the dominatrix kind of thing?

Ariana: Yeah, because of where I'm advertising more than anything. I'm advertising mostly on escort sites but it's, you know...

AINews: So you don't want people to think you're an escort…

Ariana: Well, I don't really care what people think. You know? I mean it doesn't matter to me, they can think whenever they want. It's just that people have preconceived notions about what certain things mean, and they confuse things. They can confuse one thing with another very easily. What I do it is a little bit different from what most escorts do. I am in a way an escort; it's just a little bit different. I do role-playing and sessions and the guys have to sign a waiver of release that they're consenting adults and they're asking me to tie them up and flog them or whatever...

AINews: (REALLY laughs!!) That sounds funny!

Ariana: Yeah I know! Allot of people are very into it and they don't know where to go to have it happen in a safe and professional manner, and I offer that service.

AINews: Would you care to elaborate on the mistress thing?

Ariana: Would I care to the elaborate on the mistress thing. Well, the mistress thing. Ah… I've been into alternative lifestyles or alternative sex since I was a kid, basically. I used to, when I was 15 years old, have my boyfriends tie me up and fuck me. I've always been the sexual deviant in that way, and the reason I'm a good mistress is because I was always a submissive, so I know what people like. I'm much more into sensual erotic dominance and bondage than sado-masochism. I'm really not into hurting people unless it's REALLY what they want. I don't draw blood, I don't pee on people, I don't shit on people, I don't do any of that stuff, it's just not what I'm about. There's nothing wrong with it if that's what you like, I don't like sticking pins and people. I've done it… I don't LIKE doing it. It makes me uncomfortable. I don't do things that make the uncomfortable today. I don't have to. You know? (Laughs!)

AINews: Everybody should be like that. Don't do things that make you uncomfortable.

Ariana: That's what I do mostly, and I also work with couples, and I teach them to do things to each other or with each other that expands their sexual horizons and makes them more comfortable with exploring these little things that they think are so taboo and so deviant but they're really very stimulating and erotic and can be a lot of fun. So basically, I'm a teacher in a lot of ways. I'm more into teaching people how to enjoy that side of their sexuality than beating them up. So that's how I advertise myself as a Domina, to specialize in tutoring gentlemen and couples in the fine art of bondage and dominance, and dominance and submission.

AINews: Now how would they get in contact with you about that?

Ariana: I'm on several Web Sites. Escort Web Sites. And that's how they find me. How did YOU find me?

AINews: On an escort Web Site.

Ariana: Right! So you read it! And that's basically what I'm doing and the calls I get are mostly from people who are curious about alternate sexuality, alternative lifestyles. I do a lot of trans-gendering; I dress guys up as girls. I love doing that! I have a lot of fun with it, and then they like to be verbally humiliated and called sissy boy and just silly stuff, and it's all just cool, I'm enjoying it a lot. And the really cool thing about it is I'm getting to meet a lot of people who've seen me over the years and are totally infatuated with me for some God only knows what reason, and I'm getting to spend time with them one-on-one instead of the mass crowds, because when I feature, I have like 1000 guys in the audience and then the lining up for Polaroids around the block, and I had to do another show, so I'd have to cut it off because I would have to get dressed. In this way you have a little bit more intimacy where you can talk to people and spend time with them and I enjoy them a lot - most of my clients are fans.

AINews: Really?

Ariana: Yeah, and I'd say 97 percent of them want nothing but to lick my boots and give me foot massages, so I don't have a problem with that. It's really nice.

AINews: That's a great job to have.

Ariana: It's a GREAT job, I LOVE my job! But I've always said that, even when I was doing sex every day I loved my job. So, yeah, it's very good.

AINews: Let's see what else I have here… I do have some standard stuff. You're Italian?

Ariana: I'm actually Italian and Greek.

AINews: Really? From New Jersey?

Ariana: From New Jersey originally, yeah. 5 ft. 4…

AINews: If they want to know what you look like [like they've been in a hole for the past 10 years] your Web Site is going to be up soon right? They can log onto that.

Ariana: That's right.

AINews: How do people get a hold of you to book you, again?

Ariana: Right now through the escort sites: www.vanitysecrets.com and www.roomservice2000.com - those are the two I'm posting on at this moment. There are more to come, but I just haven't decided if I want to expand my horizons or not and get into more of the other stuff because I really have been focusing on the Domina stuff and not the sex stuff, you know? And that's just for me, because I'm not a kid anymore. I can't do the stuff I used to do.

AINews: I don't know… [Looking at her Goddess-like body]

Ariana: (laughs)

AINews: You sure look good to me!

Ariana: I know I still look good, but ...

AINews: Yeah, you look REAL good!

Ariana: (Laughs!)

AINews: …I gotta tell ya!

Ariana: "Not bad for an old bat." That's what I kept telling Peter today 'cause he was like "Oh my God" because he hasn't seen me in four years and he didn't know what to expect. I walked in their and he was "You're YOUNGER! (Laughs!)

AINews: I haven't seen you in SEVEN years!

Ariana: I haven't changed much really, maybe a little bit, I put on a lot of weight, I did get my boobs made bigger...

AINews: Yeah, that's one thing I noticed right away.

Ariana: But that was a long time ago because my first ones when I first started in the business were really messed up!

AINews: Really!?

Ariana: Yeah this one got hard and they broke it you know, the encapsulation? And then the pocket went under my arm and got really messed up so...

AINews: It wasn't noticeable though, not when you filmed Sex Ranch.

Ariana: No, it wasn't that bad yet to when I did Sex Ranch.

AINews: And they were nice when you filmed Butt Detective with Juli Ashton.

Ariana: They were re-done by then but they weren't quite as big as this. I had to have them re-done again because this one started migrating again and these are really perfect! They're five years old… and they're great! They're soft… [Kneading them sensually together] Garth did them, Garth Fisher.

AINews: Is he a doctor here in town?

Ariana: Yes, he's in Beverly Hills he's awesome.

AINews: My ex-wife got her's done in St. Petersburg by a doctor named Callahan, Daniel Callahan.

Ariana: well I had my second ones done by Harry Glassman who is Victoria Principal's husband and he's Michael Jackson's plastic surgeon and he also did a wonderful job. I don't know why the one started moving, but it did, it started to migrate back under my arm. So I had them done over again. Well, they're fine now. I might get them taken out and made into saline because I still have silicone and keep being told I should get it out. (Laughs)

AINews: Well, it's encapsulated in silicone bags, I don't see the difference. Neither did my ex-wife. She's got silicone too.

Ariana: Because if the silicone leaks they can cause all kind of connective tissue problems, like lupus. I'm sure you've heard of all these lawsuits that are going on with silicone poisoning.

AINews: But it's inert! I don't see how it can affect anything.

Ariana: It's not inert. What happens is, it imbeds itself in different parts of your body and gets stuck in your joints and it doesn't come out.

AINews: Oh, OK.

Ariana: Saline, if you pop a saline bag it's just saltwater, your body's made up of 90 percent or whatever and it just gets absorbed into your body, but if you pop a silicone bag then the stuff will migrate and can cause organ problems, they can cause connective tissue problems, it has been proven to cause lupus and other really bad health problems, so I've been contemplating just getting them out and getting the saline.

AINews: A trade, yeah.

Ariana: Yeah, but I just don't want to go through anymore surgeries. I've been putting it off.

AINews: Yeah! I've been put off a root canal so I can sorta kinda understand sorta kinda sorta… How long do you think you want to perform?

Ariana: Well, actually I'm not performing anymore, so I think I stopped. I wanted to quit when I was 40 and I did.

AINews: So now it's just your business.

"Don't call me to do Fuck Films, I don't do them anymore. (Laughing) I'm sorry."

Ariana: Now is more, yeah, I'm not performing for the camera really, I will do some Internet stuff, some on camera Internet stuff, I just did a show with Gwendolyn the other day on the Internet. We just did a little two hour girly-thing. It was fine, it was fun at the time. You know of course those were pay-per-view kind of things, you have to buy the minutes to see it and I'll go on live camera and that stuff but as far as performing in the movies other than bondage and fetish, I'm done. You won't see Ariana coming back like 15 times as a lot of these women who I admire greatly have done. Retire, comeback, retire, comeback, you know? I'm done, I'm retired, I'm officially retired from the hard-core adult business. You can put that in there. Don't call me to do Fuck Films, I don't do them anymore. (Laughing) I'm sorry. I'll still do photo shoots; I'll still do bondage and fetish. I love fetish movies; I have no problems with any of that. It's not like I don't want to be naked, it's just that I don't want to fuck on film anymore. I'm pretty much over it, so unless - if I did it again it would have to be triple bagged. Like three condoms. I don't trust condoms. I just don't. And that's more an issue for me than anything is the disease factor. I don't want to be sick from a job. No job is worth that. I've got too much to live for. I want to see my grandchildren, you know, as far as I'm concerned… and that's not going to be too far in the future. I've got one daughter getting married in April.

AINews: Yeah? Wow! You mentioned something about a dungeon in Hawaii?

Ariana: Yeah, a little project I'm working on with a gentleman who owns several clubs in San Francisco and Hawaii, and he wants to put a… kind of like a vault type thing where people could actually go in and play, use the rooms as play rooms, I don't know if you're familiar with The Vault in New York City, it's a dungeon, its underground, and the one this gentleman wants to build is on top of a strip club that he owns and he wants to call it Mistress Ariana's Penthouse, and he wants me to design it because I've designed two already, that's another thing I do. I consult and design spaces for fetish. He wants me to basically go there and lay it out. I'm probably going to be doing that this month at some point. Maybe next week after I get out of Chicago. It would be nice to go to Hawaii from Chicago! It's really really cold in Chicago right now! (Laughs!)

AINews: It'll take a few DAYS to warm up [once you're in Hawaii.]

Ariana: Probably, I'll be thawing out the whole time I'm there. So, yeah, that's going to be Mistress Ariana's Penthouse, I'm not sure when it's gonna open, and I can't remember the name of the club it's going to be on top of because he's got three or four clubs and I can't remember which one it is.

AINews: Well let's see… are you involved in any anti-censorship organizations or anything political?

Ariana: Right now, not really. I admire what the Free Speech Coalition does. Mitchie to me is a goddess, she's doing phenomenal wonderful things that if I could just get behind her and work with her I would, but I just can't…

AINews: How you feel about the Bunny Ranch thing? There's a lot of stars going up...

Ariana: I just ran into a girlfriend, I ran into her at the Burbank airport. She was coming back from there! I think it's great! And it's safe, you know, and it's monitored, it's safe. That's the biggest thing about it. I think it's fine, and I mean if the women are willing to go up there and make their money and are having fun and they're in a good environment God bless them! I mean, I might go someday. I've been invited; I haven't done it yet… The Bunny Ranch? Yeah, whatever! There's another one, too. There's two there are actually featuring.

AINews: The Chicken Ranch?

Ariana: Maybe, they're both in Nevada, I know that. I live in Nevada, so…

AINews: There are quite a few around the same area.

Ariana: Yeah, they're not in Clark County I can tell you that. They're mostly in Nye County and up north further. Carson… no, not Carson. Might be Carson County, but it's not legally inside Clark County and it's not legal where Reno and Carson City are but every place else in Nevada brothels are legal, so I think it's great! I think it's a great idea!

AINews: There are some people, they're thinking that first we have to make porn legitimate, and the stars were acting and they were not prostitutes, but now with this… They are.

Ariana: Oh no, they're not.

AINews: No?

Ariana: No, because it's the oldest profession on the face of the planet. There have been women selling their bodies - and men - for sex since before time was counted, Wether it be bartering, getting food or whenever! So I mean as far as making porn acceptable in our society here in United States I don't think it will never be an acceptable form of entertainment to the general population that they would admit to.

AINews: That they would ADMIT to.

Ariana: You know?

AINews: That's a good way the phrase it.

" I know that people from every walk of life watch pornography. I get e-mails from doctors from lawyers from judges..."

Ariana: I know that people from every walk of life watch pornography. I get e-mails from doctors, from lawyers, from judges, I've had clients that are pilots, but God forbid they would ever go out and announce that or say I had a session with a Domina who was a porn star. You know? Because the people that I work with, especially the people who are into being dominated, the males who want to be submissive, are usually men in very high power, high stress jobs who want to turn over control for an hour or two. And they just want you to take and "Do whatever you want to me because I'm sick of telling people what to do. You tell me what to do for these next two hours." And they're very high-powered people! I get a lot of CEOs, bankers, judges, like I said, and these are the people who look down their noses at pornography as an unacceptable form of entertainment because it's unacceptable in our society. You go over to Europe, the TV shows; I mean everyone's running around naked. I just spent three weeks in Europe this summer on just regular TV they're having commercials with topless women. Everybody's on the beach they're all topless. Everywhere all over Europe is totally a different trip, a totally different head.

AINews: I'd probably bring a TV to the beach.

Ariana: (Laughs) Why? (Laughs) You wouldn't need one! I mean I was on the beach in Tropca, Italy, and all the women were topless. Everyone! Fat, skinny, flat tested, big boobed, it didn't matter.

AINews: Great.

Ariana: Yeah! It's just our perception and the basic perception of sexuality in our country in our society. We are so programmed to think that sex and nudity and anything that has to do with your body is bad, you know? And I don't understand it, because I never felt that way, although in my family it was that way. I was brought up a nice Catholic girl. We were not supposed to have sex before we got married. Not that that we ever DID it. My sister had her first child when she was 16. Shotgun wedding, you know? I always thought that was so stupid! It's like, what is the big deal and why do people have these hang-ups! And I don't think that it's ever going to go away. And it's like people crossing over from adult into mainstream. Most of the women who do that have been out of the business for while; or else they change their name when they go into mainstream. They don't go by their adult film name, and most of them they hide their faces. I mean Ashlyn Gere has been on silk stockings three or four times and you'd never know it was her. And then they want body doubles to do the sex scenes in mainstream movies. Like Demi Moore had a body double for… oh, gosh… a movie where she had a hot steamy sex scene I can remember what the name was but she wouldn't do it. And I think Randy West stood in for Robert Redford in a sex scene in a movie. It's like they can get these mainstream actors who are "Oh, I'm not gonna do THAT!" So they get the adult actors and actresses because they don't care. You know and then at the same time, I've been out of the business basically almost four years except for this one movie that I did, and now somebody's been looking for me for two years? You know? Okay, because I've been how long enough. You know Tracy Lords was out, what? Ten years before she got on her first mainstream thing, and she used her same name and then she went and promoted herself, I was a little porn star and I was under age and blah blah blah, but I was NEVER under age and didn't get ANYBODY in trouble… She got everybody in trouble in the business. I think there were a lot of people that would have liked to see her just get hit by a truck or something! I don't know (Laughs), but she got a lot of people in trouble by doing what she did and really it was her mother. Her mother is the one who put into it.

AINews: I didn't HEAR that! Really?

Ariana: It's a fact! If you go back and read in the history books her mother was the one that started her off with, I don't know, whatever royalty guy she was involved with first and then got her into the porn industry and pushed her into it, basically promoted her and said she was of age when she was 15...

AINews: From the things that I've read there wasn't any indication - in the things that I've read anyway - that her mother was at ALL involved.

Ariana: Well I don't think they like to publicize that anymore but back when it was happening it was a big controversy and I know a lot of people who she worked for who knew her mother and she was behind the whole thing.

AINews: They changed the history. They re-wrote it.

Ariana: They certainly did. I'm very close with one person in particular that had her in a lot of movies and got in a lot of trouble. He was the one that told me it was all her mother. Her mother set the whole thing up. And she did it as a publicity thing because she knew the kid was under age. She was basically training the child in sex, according to this person, I don't like to name names…

AINews: That's okay.

Ariana: He told me that at 15 this girl knew more than most 25 year-old women that he ever met. And you've got to learn some stuff. A lot of it's real natural but some techniques and some little things you got to learn from watching or someone coaching you. You just don't at 15 years old know how to give like the best blowjob on earth, is just doesn't happen! I don't care who you are. And this girl apparently knew everything. It's interesting. As a mother, if one of my daughters decided they wanted to go into the adult film business, I certainly wouldn't encourage it, but at the same time I couldn't be hypocritical about it. I would support them in a supportive way but I wouldn't encourage it, I wouldn't TEACH them things, you know what I mean?

AINews: Freedom of choice.

Ariana: Yeah, because I can't be hypocritical, it's what I did and none of my girls have expressed any interest in that, so it's not been an issue for me, but people have asked me that before. It's like, if my daughter wanted to go into porn, she'd have me as a guide. These are the mistakes I made early on, these people took advantage of me, these are the people who basically didn't want to pay anything... Because when I was new they wanted to give you $200 for a scene. That would never happen to one of my daughters (Laughs) you know I mean? That's what would happen, they would pay top dollar or they don't get them. It's that simple. But I didn't have that guidance and that's where my guidance would come in. I wouldn't sit there, give them demonstrations on how to give a blowjob, you know what I mean? That they would have to figure out on their own.

"Don't do drugs. That's the biggest thing. DON'T DO DRUGS! Don't get involved."

AINews: That's understandable. What advice could you give new talent on how to stay out of trouble?

Ariana: Don't do drugs. That's the biggest thing. DON'T DO DRUGS! Don't get involved. The money that you make, I know a lot of young women come from backgrounds were they don't have a lot of opportunity to make money, they don't have a lot of education and it's very easy to fall into that trap when they start making money of partying all the time and doing things you think are fun at the time but you'll regret it so much later. I mean if you look at me, okay, I'm 41 years old. You wouldn't be able to tell that just looking at me. That's because I don't do drugs. I know if I drank and did drugs I would look my age or older. Don't tan your face. (Laughs!) That's the other thing. (Laughs!)

AINews: That's good advice!

Ariana: Tanning your body is okay if you've got good skin and use a lot of moisturizers and stuff, but don't tan your face because they can always match it with makeup. It's like tanning your face is a bad thing; it makes you get wrinkles. Don't smoke! That's my vice, that's my one and only vice. It hasn't really affected my skin yet, but I know that will eventually. I had quit for long time, and then when I got divorced I started again, which is really stupid, but is really the only thing that I started again.

AINews: Shit happens.

Ariana: It's really my only vice. If you're going to drink, don't do it excessively. Don't drink hard liquor, drink nice wine. Nice mellow beautiful red wines are really good for you. A glass or two now and then. Get a lot of rest, exercise, diet you know what advice I mean, don't do drugs that's my biggest thing for new talent is don't get caught up in that nonsense. It's nonsense, it's throwing your money away, you never get anywhere, any other thing I would tell new talent, when you start making money invest or save your money because…

AINews: That's good.

"Sharon Mitchell told me she has never refused anyone an autograph, even if there were thousands of people in line."

Ariana: …you can't do this forever… I mean know we can't do this forever, it's very strenuous, a lot of hard work and if you don't save your money there will come a time in your life when you're not gonna have any because you didn't save it when you had it. You didn't put away, you didn't invest it. And it's a silly thing that people do. All of a sudden they have money, so they go out and they spend $15,000 on clothes one day, and it's like, you don't need that many clothes! You need costumes for dancing, but you can minimize it by working on your own, by learning how to do stuff for yourself, and always be grateful for your fans because if it's not for the fans then you don't become a star. Sharon Mitchell told me she has never refused anyone an autograph, even if there were thousands of people in line. She's never turned anyone away, because the fans are what got her where she is and I really took that advice to heart. Another little piece of advice Christy Canyon told me, (this was before I started in the business. She's another one I met before I started in the business. She was featuring in a club in Patterson New Jersey). She told me "Don't ever let anybody tell you you have to do something you don't want to do, okay?" She said "You don't want to do anal? Don't do anal! You don't want to work with someone? Don't work with them! If you're not comfortable, you're not okay with it, then don't do it."

"Christy Canyon told me... 'Don't ever let anybody tell you you have to do something you don't want to do'..."

AINews: That's great advice!

Ariana: It was great! And I heeded that, I always heeded that, I didn't do an anal scene for the first four years into the business. When I finally did do it I wrote it, I co-directed it, I cast it, and I starred in it. And it was my movie. I had total control over when I was going to do my first anal movie. Okay? And when I decided to do it that's how it had to be done. And if nobody wanted it, then it wasn't going to get done. And I got paid a lot of money for it. And I did with my husband. I wouldn't want anybody else having anal sex with me. (Laughs) And I haven't done a lot of anal sex with other men other than my ex-husband. I maybe did two anal scenes with someone other than him in my whole career, and that was my choice because he was my husband.

AINews: You should never do anything you don't want to do.

Ariana: That's right! And Christy, God bless her, she told me that in her dressing room at this place called Harrah's in Patterson, she said "Ari, no matter what you do don't ever let anybody tell you you HAVE to do something." Because you don't. And I really took that advice to heart and that was one of the most profound things anyone ever said to be in this business. But for the new girls, just KNOW that. There's nothing you HAVE to do!

AINews: That's excellent. How would somebody checkout who they're going to work for?

Ariana: Well, everybody goes through Jim South, you know that. Industry standard. Jim is the man, he's the agent, he keeps track of everything so if a girl gets called to do a movie by a particular company and she wants information on the company, well you can go through the AVN and get company profiles or you can get on the Internet and get LOTS of information, or you can talk to Jim because he's a pretty reasonable guy. There are certain people in the business that I would never work for, that I never DID work for. Again, I won't name names. But unfortunately some people are real sadistic and take advantage of young girls and you just have to follow your gut instinct. If somebody walks in the room and then the hair stands up on the back of your neck, it's probably not a good idea to work for that person. And that's basically what happened with me with two different companies. I didn't even see the person and I had this creepy feeling and I turned around and it was like "Who IS that guy?" and its like "Oh, he's the guy your doing your next movie for." it's like "I don't THINK so!!" (Laughs!) You know? I guess not everybody has that perception but really check it out, don't go into anything with your eyes closed, and again don't do anything you don't want to do, because nobody can make you.

AINews: That's good stuff. I guess you've already talked about some other things that you're truly grateful for...

Ariana: Oh, I have a lot of things that I'm really grateful for. I'm grateful that I'm where I'm at today. I'm really happy that I've done the things that I've done. I've no regrets about the business. Again, I don't want to go back I don't want to turn the clock back. I feel like I've contributed all that I could contribute at this point to the hard-core sex industry and now I can do other stuff. I'm sure at some point I'll become politically active again and the reasons I'm not now are personal reasons and not because I don't support Free Speech, because believe me I do. I live with a First Amendment attorney. (Laughs!) And I do work on First Amendment issues in that capacity…

AINews: Do I have your contact information right?

Ariana: E-mail is arianaxxx@earthlink.net, for right now, and my Web Site that goes up will be www.ariana.to

AINews: .to? What's that?

Ariana: It's a new URL.

AINews: Cool. And that fan club address correct?

Ariana: It is.

Farfalla enterprises LTD
3395 South Jones Boulevard No. 215
Las Vegas, NV 89146

AINews: This is great! Ariana, I want to thank you for great interview. Thank you very much.

Ariana: You're quite welcome! I'm really glad we got the opportunity to do this. I miss people in the business, I mean the real people. Like, I don't miss the producers and I don't miss the directors, I don't miss the agents, but the talent - the people that make it all happen, the ones that are really important, not the ones that makes all the money, but the people that make it all happen…

AINews: The people that actually 'do it'.

Ariana: (Laughs!) Yeah, but you know I miss them I feel… Like I ran into Nancy Vee today...

AINews: Yeah? I was just talking to Nancy, down at that Hustler signing.

Ariana: She told me she was going, she asked me to go with her.

AINews: That would have been cool to have you show up there before the interview!

Ariana: Yeah, I ran into her yesterday...

AINews: Again, Ariana, I wanted thank you from the bottom of my heart and wish you well in all you do.

Ariana: You're quite welcome.