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February 17, 2015 12:40pm
Derrick Pierce Interview
Source: Adult Industry News
by: Rich Moreland

A Talk with Derrick Pierce By Rich Moreland

Martial Arts is part of Derrick Pierce's makeup. "As you get older, it gets more difficult to stay in shape," he declares, so he has added Crossfit to his personal regiment to "stay competitive and not get [his] head kicked at the same time."

As is true of most successful male actors, Derrick is not a youngster. Male performers form a small loyal fraternity who can produce reliable "wood," treat girls with respect, and "pop" on cue. The best can work many years.

This XBIZ Male Performer of the Year nom, who has built an image he describes as the "anti-hero, bad guy," got into the industry in 2008 somewhat by accident. He accompanied his girlfriend at the time, Lexxi Tyler, to the AVN show where anonymity shielded both of them. Neither was in porn at that point, though change came quickly.

Derrick took several pictures of Lexxi at the show and "When we left," he recalls, "everyone knew who she was and soon she was doing girl-girl shoots."

Derrick stayed in the background; he had his own business as a personal trainer to maintain.

But Derrick's sweetheart suggested he consider the industry to step up his "money game." Rather than work behind the camera, which is difficult because "nobody says, 'here's the guidebook on how to take my job,'" Derrick jokes, he got offers to go on-screen. At first Lexxi was reluctant to see him have sex with other women, but realizing that the business is just that, a business, she agreed if he could "get booked," he should "try it." A little innocent deception got him on his first set ("'Have you shot before? Oh yeah, lots of times...'") and once Derrick Pierce experienced success, the porn gates opened.

Among all his talents, his "bad guy" image is in demand for BDSM scenes. He's shot well over one hundred times for Kink.com and estimates another eighty or ninety for its sister company, Twisted Factory.

However, Derrick's take on the bondage genre is not necessarily how the porn fan might define it.

"I'm not interested in tying somebody up," he begins. He does like "aggressive play, [but] that's not necessarily BDSM." Derrick can do the tying up stuff, it's just that he doesn't "have the patience for it." On the other hand, great riggers impress this Massachusetts native, what they do is "so cool" he says. As for Kink.com, Derrick reinforces what others say. "Kink is the most respected company in the business. I don't know another company that would pay for a partial scene." He contrasts Kink with other porn companies whose hard line is "buck up or leave!"

Derrick Pierce is a reliable performer, and men of that ability aren't hanging around on every street corner in Pornoland. When he broke in with Kink, he was also hired by Twisted Factory, a rival company at the time. He was also "shooting for Dungeon Corp," he says, sometimes all three in the same week. A real advantage, Derrick remarks, because "The top people were guiding me."

Sticking with the bondage theme, I drop everybody's favorite sub, Casey Calvert, into the conversation. "She's awesome," Derrick beams. "What's not to like about her? She's beautiful, she's cute, and she's funny!" He then adds something that distinguishes the Florida lass from the herd. "She's refreshing because she's one of the few [performers] that seems really responsible and cares about what she does... which is not all that common in this business."

I suspect the same words describe Derrick Pierce.

Derrick Pierce is represented by Star Factory PR. They can be reached at 818-732-0191 or via email at Info@StarFactoryPR.com StarFactoryPR.com