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December 01, 2014 08:05am
Karlie Montana Interview
Source: Adult Industry News
by: Rich Moreland

Fame was Never My Goal: An Interview with Karlie Montana by Rich Moreland

Not often is the leading role in a feature given to an established veteran who prefers the media sidelines. Known as an unsung performer because of her relative anonymity, Karlie Montana falls into that category.

In Zero Tolerance's Shades of Scarlet, Karlie plays a character that has her bondage fantasies come alive in a mysterious journey. Her acting and dialogue delivery are superb.

A chief reason this ten-year veteran is little known is her shooting history. "I started at eighteen as a girl/girl and solo performer," Karlie says. It was a remarkable eight years before she transitioned to boy/girl. But she had her reasons.

Karlie knows that performing in adult film is "A life changing decision" that demands maturity. "I was twenty-five when I did my first boy/girl," she declares. In other words, what is put on film "lasts a lifetime" so be careful when penetrative sex is in the offing.

Karlie's boy/girl time was brief, almost experimental. After two years, the Arizona native is back to all-girl shoots and celebrating "A very happy place in my life."

Porn has two main types of filming: features and gonzo. How does Karlie compare the need for plot and script to the reality romp of all-sex movies? "I enjoy shooting features because I love acting and dialogue and a rhyme and reason behind the sex," she says. However, that doesnít preclude gonzo, or wall-to-wall, a shooting style the twenty-eight year old loves.

Versatility and flexibility make Karlie Montana the sought after yet quiet star that she is. Casting herself as "A Jane of all trades," the statuesque beauty declares with a smile, "Iíll give you any style scene you want."

Regardless of whose camera is shooting her, Karlie wants her sex scenes to roll along naturally. "I do love to just bounce into the sex and fuck peopleís brains out," she exclaims with glee. It goes without saying that a director who "allows the sex to flow" is at the top of her list.

But Karlie is honest about what produces the art of porn: creative leadership from the director's chair. However, that does have a downside for her. "My biggest pet peeve is when sex is controlled and directed," she states, then concedes, "But hey thatís the nature of the best that is porn."

The popular, and inaccurate opinion of the industry is that desperate girls turn to adult film to economically survive. On the surface, that would seem to be true of Karlie who states, "I was a teen runaway and a high school dropout." So she was clueless and got duped into shooting scenes. Right? Not exactly.

Karlie knew the score early on. "I grew up in the ĎValleyí so porn has always been around."

Karlie's tendency to exhibitionism dates back to her teen years when she loved flashing crowds at street races. Entering adult entertainment seemed natural and convenient. It is how she has managed her career thatís made a difference.

"Porn gave me a way to be financially stable" Karlie says. And she is very appreciative. "Without it, I donít know where I would be."

Survival required planning and thought. Karlie may not be formally educated, but she is smart and cautious. "I believe I have lasted this long because I paced myself. I didnít start doing boy/girl right away. Iíve taken my time in this business... fame was never my goal, stability was."

Spoken like a woman who understands what many girls in the industry donít. Porn can chew a girl up and spit her out, the late legendary Marilyn Chambers once said. Karlie Montana has constructed the foundation of her career so that doesnít happen to her.