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July 06, 2011 05:21pm
BiBi Jones Interview
Source: MonicaAtHome.com
by: Monica Foster

The case of BiBi Jones - it's an interesting one...and I personally believe we're only witnessing the genesis of what I anticipate to be an exceedingly successful and renowned career. This young lady came out the gate swinging, and I don't expect her to back down to any of the traditional "rules" or "hierarchies" of industry anytime soon, and not because she doesn't want to, but because she doesn't have to.

As of current BiBi or should I say Britney Beth (yes, that's her real name and who she was previously known as in porn prior to being signed as Digital Playground newest and youngest contract girl) is being dubbed by her dedicated and loyal rapidly expanding fan base (over 50,000 strong on twitter as of current) as the new "Rock star of Porn" and after speaking with this young lady, I can understand why.

Before I go into my observations of this forerunner of the new generation of adult stars, here's a little background on Miss Jones:

BiBi hails from Oklahoma (the same breeding ground as Digital Playground's current front runner - Jesse Jane) and has had her mind set on entering the adult industry far before she was legally able to finally do so. As a teen BiBi watched adult movies and knew that she simply "wanted to be that girl getting fucked on camera". BiBi has a naturally incredibly high sex drive and sexual interest she even remembers being sexually aware and having a sexual experience at around the age of 6, which she spoke about during a Howard Stern interview. Sure, to many who walk on the mild side of life, that may sound odd even disturbing, but BiBi is far from mild she's a bonafied wild child, though her sweet and true to the phrase "girl next door" looks may fool you into thinking otherwise.

BiBi decided not to just follow her dream of entering porn, she manifested her sexual fantasies into reality. During my interview with her, BiBi disclosed how one of her favorite pornstars to watch when she was younger was Peter North. Of course I responded by saying that I'm sure that at this phase with the notoriety that she's currently receiving, I'm certain a scene match up between herself and North could easily be set up. To my surprise however, Miss Jones informed me that the scene already not only been shot (check it out on www.PeterNorth.com), but she's also starred with him in the music video "Been to Hell" by Hollywood Undead (that's right, this early on BiBi Jones is already following the Sasha Gray blueprint).

Though BiBi has been working as an adult actress for less than a year as of current, she's seen many facets of the industry and has experienced the pros and cons of the different avenues one could take. Initially before shooting even her first scene, BiBi was offered contracts by a few different companies, but she declined primarily because she wasn't ready to commit to a world she had little knowledge of just yet. BiBi instead found an agent of which she felt comfortable with and got her feet wet (along with other parts) as an independent talent.

Later down the line (actually only a couple months later), BiBi was re-approached by Digital Playground, one of the companies that initially offered to sign her prior to shooting for anyone. At this stage, BiBi felt that Digital Playground was a good option for her, being that she realized that being contracted with a top studio was a more stable and controlled environment that would allow her to have more time for her personal life.

As of current, though she's experienced a bit of a bumpy start working with her co-stars (which was unfortunately highly publicized on a few industry blogs and social networks), BiBi is settling in nicely with Digital Playground and can been seen starring in their most recent widely anticipated release Babysitters 2.

This year BiBi Jones is set to shoot a total of 12 movies of Digital Playground in fact, which I'm certain will assist in her skyrocketing to the upper echelons of the adult entertainment world in a fashion that is rarely seen.

Though BiBi is currently poised to follow in the career foot steps of Jenna Jameson, I found her to be surprisingly grounded and genuine throughout our interview. BiBi is a very self possessed young lady who's able to look at her unconventional career realistically and logically. She knows that a career in adult won't last forever, and is planning ahead even though she's essentially just beginning. I found her grounded, but fun loving attitude refreshing and I found her concerns and slight sense of vulnerability endearing.

Yes, BiBi Jones has a bright future ahead of her, whether she stays in the adult industry solely or branches out into other areas of entertainment or other fields all together. I really enjoyed getting to know this young woman who's just now getting acclimated to the world of "fame" it's ups and downs, praises and criticisms. I hope that you the fans, adult industry professionals and the curious enjoy my interview with her, because I'm certain that there's much more to come from this young woman quite soon.