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April 01, 2008 02:15pm
A MiniView of Sashabrabuster
Source: Adult Industry News
by: Steve Nelson

I met Sashabrabuster a few years ago at a Paw event. Protecting Adult Welfare (PAW) holds charity events from time to time and uses the proceeds to help talent in times of need. Sasha has such an outgoing and bubbly personality that we became friends instantly. After you get past the charismatic smile and seductive eyes you will notice two glorious mountains of boob meat!

This girl's boobs are so big... (How big is she?) She was bra buying in Monrovia at a store called ''Creative Woman''. They bill themselves as ''the wizard of bras'', which I find amusing. Evidently 3 people told her about the store and that they had merchandise for big women. Sasha says she looked around and nothing fit but a sarong. She. Is. Huge. There's about sixty or more videos out featuring Sasha and for those who like to be absolutely smothered in boobflesh she's your wet-dream-girl!

She is a registered nurse in her personal life and was an instructor in physiology and biology in college. She speaks at colleges about having a career in porn, and will be teaching soon. She worked for a time as a ''spiritual reader'' by another name. You know, the kind of psychics you call on the phone for a by the minute charge to your credit card?

This girl is the only woman of color BBW who is double jointed and can put her leg in back of her head. She credits Lola Lane for getting her into filming hardcore, and says real nice things about Friday who got her lots of connections. She also has been positively influenced by Africa Sex and Ron Hightower.

As far as advice to new girls Sashabrabuster says, ''Don't sell yourself cheap and don't compromise. Sasha's mom is her manager and - this is funny - her family has all her movies and magazines, but as for viewing her material herself, she can't watch her own videos, ''but stills are ok,'' she says.

Sashabrabuster has huge fan base in Michigan. She says that most toy parties on the west side of Detroit, Michigan will play her movies on the wall while the party is going on. BBW girls say Sasha has made them feel better about their bodies and given them more confidence and better self esteem.

Google Sashabrabuster and you'll find her everywhere. Check her Yahoo groups, myspace and fan clubs out: Sashabrabuster.com, Groups.Yahoo.com/group/sashabrabuster and Groups.Yahoo.com/group/sashabrabuster_group and her MySpace at MySpace.com/Sashabrabuster.

For feature dancing contact her through Universal Entertainment and escort work through BodyMiracle.com. Write Sashabrabuster fan mail here: P.O. Box 8086, Roseville, MI 48066, and email her at Sasha@Sashabrabuster.com.