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Porn for GEEKS! Meet me & my friends!


March 01, 2008 08:07am
A MiniView of Kitty Lee
Source: Adult Industry News
by: Steve Nelson

Kitty Lee has been around a lot longer than one would think. She began modeling at about 13 for Sears and JC Penny, then at 19 started stripping at DeJa Vu.

Kitty also worked in Las Vegas as a showgirl at the Flamingo for 6 months. While working there she was contacted by photographers to do private shoots. She did with some of her girlfriends and at the age of 20 she had progressed to doing private parties and girl/girl shows.

While doing girl/girl shows Kitty says she was ''asked by rich guy to do a boy/girl scene for him. He took me to a swinger's club and I did some live sex shows.''

A few years later Kitty made some home movies and shot for magazines under the name ''Renee McKenna'' and ''Sierra'' something - she forgets her alias now - and adds she also shot a centerfold spread for Playboy a back in 1999.

She now had a resume of home movies, internet modeling, web shows, dominatrix outcall 2 times a week and adult stuff here and there and by age 24. Then, at 25, she started doing hardcore scenes. She says she shot for a lot of bad companies and almost left the business but then got with Jim South at World Modeling. She was sent to Jim by Payton Leigh and then things got a lot better - for a while...

Kitty began working with someone who she later found out was a sex offender. I won't mention names, but she says she knew nothing about this guy's past and when later she found out he molested his nieces and nephews and liked to put things in girls' drinks at bars she got away from him as fast as possible.

After that ordeal Kitty did some escort work but got out it and ''retired'' from the Adult Industry because person she was then with didn't want her to do porn. She says she was ''gonna get married and have kids.''

Well, she stopped for 2 years and when she went through a break up with the guy she was dating she says ''I got my life back on track but was scared to get back in. Fortunately I'm now [morally] supported by a new guy in my life, so here I am!''

Since then I've shot Kitty twice myself for another producer and helped her with getting work. When she shot stills for me she even pulled her boyfriend in and broke his porn cherry. Lucky guy, getting dragged into a shoot by his pornstar girlfriend and appear in a national magazine like Gent! Kitty's plans include doing boy/girl, girl/girl, fetish and bondage scenes. She has a new hair color, black, and is losing more weight again.

Kitty adds, ''My website that is finally up: ClubKittyLee.com, and I just recently partnered with GenerationXXXProductions.com as well! I'm so excited.''

Directors should book her through her email at KittyLeesBack@Yahoo.com. Fans can contact her at MySpace.com/KittyLeesBack and Groups.Yahoo.com/KittyLeesBack.