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May 05, 2007 02:00am
A MiniView of Cumisha Amado
Source: Adult Industry News
by: Steve Nelson

One of the most cheerful people on earth - and possessor of a hard body and nice rack - is Cumisha Amado. She has been doing adult films since 1990 when Nina Hartley found buried under 5 guys at a swing party. Nina told her date "She's comin' home with me!" Cumisha says she never saw the guy again and that Nina taught her everything she knows about the adult business.

Nina approached Cumisha to co-star in "Anal Annie's All Girl Escort Service" which was her very first movie. Since then she has done well over 200 films, the latest being "Rock 'N' Rye" where I made a cameo appearance as a maitre d' getting my dick sucked on stage. Order all her movies from Gamelink.com.

Rock 'N' Rye was the first of Cumisha's movies that she produced but will likely not be the last. She has plans for the future which include feature dancing, appearances, dabbling in mainstream and writing a book about her life; an autobiography on the past present and future of Cumisha Amado.

A glimpse into her past reveals she is a graduate of San Francisco State University, was a registered nurse working as a labor and delivery room nurse for 6 years and had 2 scholarships for Juilliard for classical piano. In 1993 she got into the jizz biz full time and quit nursing and moved to Hollywood. Taking a break in '97 she moved to Hawaii where she married a Navy Seal "by accident". They met at a club, started going out, "then we got married" Cumisha says, like it was something that appeared to be the right thing to do at the time.

While married she went back to nursing, however, her new husband was stationed on nuclear submarine and after being married for 8 months he went out to sea for 4 months and on return he became very abusive, "and it got worse when he found out I was in the Industry", she adds. It would infuriate him when people recognized her as Cumisha.

It appears they tried to solve the problem by both doing porn together. They were cast for a movie by producer/director Jim Lane but the husband was replaced by Johnny Thrust when he underwent equipment failure. (No wood.) Jim talked to him a long time and explained the "some can, some can't" aspect of performing sex in front of a camera. That pissed him off even more.

One thing lead to another and Cumisha ended up confined to a wheelchair for 3 months being taken care of by her mother. Needless to say when the husband went back to sea on another tour of duty he became an EX-husband and she was gone!

More juicy stuff than this will be in her tell-all book - and I hope to hell there are lots of pictures! Cumisha has been weight training with a personal trainer for over 2 1/2 years now. She really looks great! She said she may even enter a body builder contest. She just returned from Malipano Island in the Philippines from a family reunion this past January. Speaking of her family she says "all 400 of us filled three 5 star hotels and romped around on the beaches." Imagine her in a skimpy bikini.

Check out her website at CumishasWeb.com and her online comics drawn by George O. DeLorenzo at HardonComics.com. George's work has also been featured in "The Sunday Adult ComiXXX" on AINews.xxx. You can book Cumisha through her website, email her at CumishaXXX@Hotmail.com or call her at 310-779-7319.

This MiniView is also being published in Gent Magazine and should be hitting the newsstands now. Look for exclusive pictures and "TitBits" of information in my column "The News Rack". -Steve Nelson